Webinar on Contractual Performance in Good Faith by Law College Dehradun [Aug 5, 3:30 PM]

About the Organization
Uttaranchal University has at its core a commitment towards the diffusion of legal, scientific, technical, and professional knowledge on one hand and on the other the building up of the character of youth by integrating ethics with education and practice with theory. Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University, an institution contributing splendidly to legal education since 2002.

About the Webinar
In collaboration with the leading minds of the socio-legal fraternity, taking a piece of their
minds on the topics of law that are generally missed out, they attempt to provoke the minds of
both the young and the experienced.

 Good Faith in Contractual Performance;
 A comparative look at English Law and other Law and Civil Law Jurisdiction.

Vasanti Selvaratnam QC, Joint Head Of Chambers, UK Barrister and Arbitrator.

 Students of 3/5 year LL.B. degree courses and LL.M. students from any institution are
eligible to participate.
 Those engaged in the field of law as professionals/academicians/practitioners.
Registration Link: tinyurl.com/1-daywebinar 
*There is no registration fee.

 The session will be held by the medium of the Zoom application.
 The participants will receive the Zoom ID and Password of the session on their registered
E-mail address and for students of Law College Dehradun Faculty of Uttaranchal
University, on their respective SIC Groups as well.
 In case any of the participants do not receive ID and Password for the session on their
registered E-mail address, it will be available on their website at least 12 hours prior to
the scheduled time of the session.

E-certificate will be provided to all the participants.

Email Id: lcdmcs@uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in.  
Rahul Kumar: +91 +91 79034 35470
Mohd. Danish Khan: +91 +91 73518 79217
For more details head to the brochure.
Link of the brochure: Download

Details of the Website: lcdmcs.com/intwebgfcp

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