Lexpeeps is totally dedicated to the legal fraternity law professionals get an opportunity to flourish their career in a better way. Lexpeeps organises various events like debates, seminars of its own and also organises the major law school activities on tie-ups with leading law school. Lexpeeps is not only limited to managing the legal events but it also provides internships to law students where the law professionals come in touch with each other and grow by associating with the company.
Lexpeeps is also focusing on several social works like providing information and free legal aid to the poorer section of society.

*Now Everyone will get an opportunity of Internship*

Lexpeeps is hiring at different positions with minimum work and maximum benefits–

1. Legal Content Creators

2. Marketing 

3.Graphic Designer

4.Search Engine Optimisation 

5.Video Editor

6.Legal News 

5.Creative Content Creator 

6. Campus Ambassadors 


•Letter of Recommendation 

•Internship Certificate Valid Everywhere 

•Discounts on Lexpeeps Exclusive Events 

Registration form:-


Mail us:


Visit Now :Lexpeeps.in

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