Volunteer for Citizens for Justice and Peace [Submissions & Research for Law Students]: Applications Open!

About the Opportunity

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), a human rights, non-commercial organization, invite submissions from lawyers, activists, students, journalists among others engaged with issues of human rights, communalism, caste, and the law for publication on both, Citizens for Justice and Peace and Sabrang India.

About CJP

CJP is a non-commercial organization and a Human Rights movement dedicated to upholding and defending the freedom and constitutional rights of all Indians. Primarily, they focus on minority rights, freedom of expression, criminal justice reforms and child rights.

They have led legal campaigns to defend Indian citizens in Assam, for POCSO, to protect Forest Rights and Adivasi Human Rights Defenders and the like.

Submissions Guidelines

  • Categories:
    • Documentation: Uploading Material on the Website and Archiving the Website
    • Writings
      IN FACT: ‘In-facts’ (explore an issue factually through brief, analytical segments, divided into subheads. Examples of this can be found here and here)
    • Fact-sheets on human rights issues: Short readable material focusing on a single human rights issue, with facts, figures, legal developments, and executive and policy decisions.
    • Primers on judgments/judicial decisions/tribunal decision; primers on issues arising from judicial decisions; law commission reports (international, national)
    • International Law and International Jurisprudence on human rights issues will also require attention.
    • Research papers: Case Commentaries and Section Commentaries
  • Language: Submissions accepted in both English and Hindi
  • Co-authorship: Allowed
  • Format:
    • Document: Microsoft Word format only
    • Videos must be sent via YouTube
    • Pictures should be embedded in a word document

Submission Process

All submissions must be sent along with the following:

  • A short description of the writing piece (around 100 words)
  • A two-line bio of the author(s)

Subject of the e-mail should be ‘Submission’.

E-mail ID: info@cjp.org.in

Research Volunteering

Law students from 3rd Year are invited to work with CJP on researching various ongoing litigation on human rights issues, from within the courts and through policy decisions of the executive.

The work would involve researching on-going litigation processes that CJP and other human rights organizations are involved in, especially those related to diversity, discrimination, land and forest rights, labor and violence, particularly structural violence.

For detailed information about the volunteering opportunity, click here

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