Webinar on Rule of Law for the 21st Century by Indian Democracy At Work [January 2, 4-6 PM]: Register Now!

Indian Democracy At Work (IDAW) is organizing a webinar on ‘Rule of Law in the 21st Century’ to stimulate discourse on the challenges and possible solutions for ensuring rule of law in the Indian constitutional framework.

About IDAW

Indian Democracy At Work is an annual conference series jointly organized by the Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Indian School of Business (Bharti Institute of Public Policy) and the University of Hyderabad (Department of Political Science), with the objective to facilitate dialogue on our democracy and the resolve to provide a launchpad for ideas. The theme for the second edition of the conference to be held in February 2021 is Rule of Law.

About the Webinar

Rule of law is the bedrock of constitutional governance and democratic society. While we have normative rule of law, in practice there are serious, and often crippling distortions. On one hand, fair, speedy and efficient settlement of disputes at an affordable cost is critical for mutual trust and economic growth.

Equally significantly, maintenance of public order while preserving constitutional liberties is at the heart of a harmonious society and democratic system.

This webinar is being organized on 2nd January 2021 to set the tone for the Annual Conference on ‘Rule of Law’ scheduled to be held in the last week of February 2021.

About the Speakers

  1. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (General Secretary, Foundation for Democratic Reforms)
  2. Shri K.Padmanabhaiah (Former Union Home Secretary)
  3. Justice Chelameswar (Former Judge, Supreme Court of India)
  4. Shri Kamal Kumar (Former Director, SVP National Police Academy)

Webinar Details

Date: 2nd January 2021, Saturday

Time: 4:00 PM IST/6:30 AM EDT

Registration is mandatory. There is no registration fee.

Details of the platform will be shared in the confirmation e-mail ID.

Click here for registration.

Contact Information

In case of any queries, please write to IDAW at contact[at]indiandemocracyatwork.in. 

For more details on IDAW and the ‘Rule of Law’ Conference, visit this link: www.idaw.in.

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