Harold Lasswell [Research] Scholarship Program by CASPR [Centre for Advanced Studies in Policy Research]: Apply by Feb 7

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Policy Research or CASPR, India Foundation is calling for applications for the Harold Lasswell Scholarship Program (Research Scholarship) which is offered to researchers to pursue interdisciplinary research in their respective areas.

About CASPR and The Scholarship

CASPR or Centre for Advanced Studies in Policy Research, India is a not-for-profit company registered under the Companies Act. Their objective is to assist activities for enhancing the quality of the lives of the poor and needy sections of the society. They aspire to strengthen the infrastructure of Anganwadi Centres in Maharashtra.

CASPR has announced the ‘Harold Lasswell Scholarship Program’ for Researchers from across the fields to give them an opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary research in their respective areas.

The scholarship is an open door for extraordinary performers with the possibility to have any kind of effect for good on the planet. Harold Lasswell Scholars are individuals who have a dream of how the world could be better and the vitality to have any kind of effect – whatever their circle of intrigue and is offered to the outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service.

The scholarship is awarded annually to two select candidates who have demonstrated sustained excellence throughout their academic career and promise a potential to conduct interdisciplinary research which can contribute significantly to the development of a community of researchers and have a broad range of influence.

Who can Apply?

This scholarship program is designed for researchers from within and outside the organization.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Up-to USD 1000 (~ 73,000 INR) grant-in-aid as a research support.
  • Full sponsorship for an independent book project with additional monetary and technical support.

Selection Criteria

The selection would be made on the basis of:

  • Current Research Portfolio
  • Potential to make an impact through research
  • Academic credentials

Selection Process

A committee of experts shall be set up for the review of the proposal followed by an interview.

How to Apply?

Interested individuals can apply through the link given at the end of this post.

Application Deadline

Apply by February 7, 2021, by 6 PM.

Click here to apply for the scholarship.

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