Logo Designing Competition by MNLU, Mumbai: Submit by March 3

The Centre for Women, Law and Gender Justice at Maharashtra National Law University [MNLU] Mumbai, is calling for original logo designs for use as the official logo of the Centre.

About the University

Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai is one of the premier national law Universities in India established in 2015. It is located in the economic capital of India.

About the Centre

The feminist discourse in India is not a new concept; it has evolved over the decades. The irony, however, lies in the fact that despite having addressed these issues since time immemorial, women continue to be challenged by patriarchy even today.

The Centre is established with a vision to Strengthen existing knowledge and build new knowledge on ‘Rights of Women in Indian/Global Perspective’ (to address current and future challenges) through introducing curriculum in research and practical training projects.

The Centre will collaborate with National and International organizations to redress the concern and grievances of women and develop collaborative programs and projects for the cause of women, law and justice.

The centre invites entries from interested persons for a logo design competition. This logo, would be used as the official logo of the centre and will be inaugurated virtually on 6th March 2021. This logo shall help the Centre establish its unique identity.

Submissions Guidelines

  • The last date for submission of entries is 3rd March 2021.
  • Entries should be submitted in JPG, PDF, or PNG format only.
  • All submissions are to be made on cwlgj@mnlumumbai.edu.in addressing the Coordinator of the Centre, Dr. Karuna Akshay Malviya
  • The winner of the logo competition will be awarded a Certificate and a prize amount of Rs. 1000/-

Technical Parameters

  • Logo artwork should be at least 2 inches long on the smallest side.
  • The file should be of high resolution – at least 300 pixels per inch at 100% size.
  • The file should look clean (not pixelated or bitmapped) when viewed on-screen at 100%

Important Note: The author of the selected logo shall be entitled to the Certificate and the prize amount of Rs. 1000/- but shall have no claim of any Intellectual Property Rights in the logo, either present or in future.


Ms. Gauri Rane, Teaching and Research Associate: +91 9082950563

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