Guidelines to Authors

  1. Submission should be made in MS Word format.
  2. The manuscript shall be original and unpublished.
  3. The manuscript shall strictly be free from plagiarism, any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  4. Co-authorship is allowed to maximum three authors.
  5. The full names, designations, contact numbers and email addresses of all the author(s), must be mentioned in the cover page of the manuscript.
  6. There shall be a uniform method for citation (BLUEBOOK 20TH EDITION) in the manuscript.
  7. The body of the manuscript shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman and size 10, with single line spacing.
  8. Tabular columns, diagrams, or any photograph with proper sources are allowed to use in the Manuscript. Photographs and diagrams must be of 1200px x 675px or less than that.
  9. A margin of 1 inch shall be maintained from all sides.
  10. Manuscript texts should be justified and the headings should be either left-aligned or centre-aligned.
  11. An abstract of not exceeding 250 words (along with five keywords preferred) must be accompanied with the manuscript.
  12. Manuscript file must be named as < ‘Title of the Manuscript_First Name of the author(s)‘>.
  13. No name or details of the author(s) should not be mentioned anywhere in the Manuscript.
  14. On submission of the manuscript, the authors will receive acknowledgement of the receipt of their submissions via mail. Every submission shall undergo through three stages’ review process. The authors will be updated on completion of each stage of review.
  15. On qualifying three-stages of review, the qualified submissions shall be selected for publication.
  16. On selection of the manuscript followed by publication of the journal on our website, the copyrights shall be transferred to the Lexstructor National Journal of Law and Technology, ipso facto and impliedly.
  17. Post-publication, every author will be received certificate of publication via email.