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Published Articles

1. Karen Aloysia Barreto & Neha Mehta, Telemedicine : The Coalescence of Medicine, Technology and Law

2. K. Mythiraye, Intelligent Agents and Conclusion of Contracts in E-commerce Transactions

3. Sakshya Jain, Scope of Artificial Intelligence in The Practice of Law

4. Yash Tripathi, A Hope of Better Tomorrow – Art Regulation Bill, 2020

5. Snehanjali Pradhan, Sutapa Mishra, Case Commentary: Author’s Guild vs. Google Inc.

6. Sayali Diwadkar, Hari Naga Abhigna, A Long-Drawn Battle between E-Commerce Platform and Direct Selling Entities

7. Pulak Symon, Issues Revolving around the Patenting of Open Genetic Source in Life Science: An Analysis

8. Kumari Pooja, Is Movie Review Violative of Copyrights?

9. Md. Saleh Akram, Online Shopping in Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges

10. Jayada Tripathi, Upsurge in Cybercrime : Yet Another Shadow Pandemic of Covid-19

11. Jayvardhan Dawar, Case Comment: Faheema Shirin v. State Of Kerala

12. Shreya Rathore, Relevance of International Space Law in Indian Context

13. Advait Shukla & Aditi Rajput, How Technology Can Revolutionize the Dishonour of Cheque Cases in India

14. Sayani Das, Sohom Nandi, Cyber Crime Against Women In India

15. Sakshi Digvijay, Revocation of Patents in India- An Analysis

16. Shruti Jaju, Telemedicine Practice Guidelines, 2020: A New Normal in Health Industry

17. Ritodeep Bhattacharyya, Aarogya Setu App : A Menace to The Fundamental Rights of the Citizens

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